Wallflower Nursery is located south of San Jose, California. They asked me to create a crate label for his cannabis cloning business. His farm is not far from the ocean and is surrounded by strawberry and raspberry growing country. His desire was for me to incorporate not only the marijuana plant but also the gorgeous surroundings of Northern California- both beach and the agricultural fields.

Rancho Regner Avocados hired me to design a vintage crate label for his small avocado farm in Vista, California. Vista is located near San Diego and used to be the avocado capital of California many years ago.

He ships many boxes (about 6,000 pounds) of avocados to customers in the spring and wanted to have a custom label printed on his boxes.


A vintage poster of Lovers Point near Monterey, California.

F&P Can Label from the 1920’s. This is a Bartlett Pear Label from a cannery that my Italian grandfather founded so it has special meaning for me. The original label was pretty damaged but I was able to re-create it as it probably looked 80 years ago.